TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)



The two-coordinate scanners SLIDER M1 and SLIDER M2 when used with the Tomographic UD4-TM and DAMI-C09 flaw detectors are provides:

  • acoustic contact monitoring;
  • determination of probes location in the testing area;
  • flaws sizes and coordinates determination;
  • completeness testing monitoring;
  • real time detected defects visualization;
  • the testing time reduction.

SLIDER M1 and SLIDER M2 scanners differ by the probe holders and plug-in connectors. SLIDER M2 is equipped by two types of mounts - a magnetic and vacuum sucker. Precision of scanner positioning is provided by using high-precision encoders built in the axis of scanner rotation.

For example, the use of Tomographic UD4-TM with a scanner SLIDER M1 equipped with a two-coordinate positioning system allows scanning with the required step and remembering in real time the coordinates of the occurrence of detected defects with the construction of a tomographic image and an assessment of the degree of their danger, while increasing its objectivity and reliability.

The using of scanners SLIDER M1, SLIDER M2 and specialized software, allow to increase the objectivity and reliability of the testing with our flaw detectors.