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Tomographic 4.2. — eddy-current meter of coating thickness

Software application «Coating thickness meter» for the flaw detector Tomographic UD4-ТМ is designed for measurement of thickness of nonconductive materials (paints, varnishes, etc.) of coatings applied on magnetic or nonmagnetic conductive material.
Operation in this mode consists of two stages: setting and measurement of coating thickness.

To commence with work in the coating thickness measuring mode, it is necessary to perform its setting or to download the previously stored setting (Thickness meter->Setting->Download setting).

Assignment of menu keys:

  • Sweep – sweep adjustment in mm (thickness scale);
  • Save result – saving of test result in the archive;
  • Calibrationprobe calibration;
  • Setting – setting of the coating thickness measuring mode.

Mode setting consists of following stages:

  • In the “Oscillograph” menu, set values of the probe operational frequency and amplification of received signal. Amplification must be adjusted in such a way as to keep signal amplitude within window limits during probe manipulations.
  • Go to the “Thickness meter” menu and press “Calibration” key. Perform required actions under prompts of instrument. As a result, cursor moves downwards when probe is installed on surface of the tested object and upwards – when it is removed.
  • Go to the menu of points. Insert nonconductive specimen of known thickness between probe and tested object and press “Add”. Entre corresponding thickness in the “Thickness” line of menu. If required, point level can be updated by pressing the “Update” key. Repeat this step for several nonconductive specimens of different known thicknesses.
  • In the event of multiple tests, it is possible to save this setting by pressing the “Save setting” key.

Algorithm of coating thickness measurement

Rest probe against the tested surface and observe the measured thickness value in the right bottom corner. If it is desirable to store result in the archive, press the “Save result” key.