TECHNOVOTUM - development and production of equipment and technologies for non-destructive testing (NDT)


Basic set Cost Quantity Add
2017-08-03-19-21-29-teri.jpg TERI by request
2017-09-17-18-24-33-2.png by request
2019-06-06-07-08-21-пади.png Impedance transducer PADI-8-02 (cable required for operation Lemo10-Lemo10) by request
2017-09-17-18-26-01-7.jpg by request
2017-09-17-18-26-22-8.jpg by request
2017-09-17-18-27-54-9.jpg by request
2017-09-17-18-28-11-10.jpg by request
2017-09-17-18-28-27-11.jpg by request
Accessories Cost Quantity Add
2017-09-17-18-25-04-4.jpg by request
2017-09-17-18-25-46-6.jpg by request
Software Cost Quantity Add
2017-09-17-18-25-22-5.jpg by request